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Åshild Bråten

Åshild Bråten works as a project coordinator at Småkraft. With her background as a land surveyor and an ongoing master’s degree in property law, she is responsible for property law issues at Småkraft.

Securing rights

“Part of what I do is to secure the rights we have obtained through a waterfall agreement with the landowners,” says Åshild. “This is important because the agreements secure the rights against a third party. I make sure that everything is in order in relation to agreements, so that the development doesn’t come to a halt.

“Once the agreements are ready, I can begin the land registration process. I follow up and maintain a good communication with the municipality and the landowners throughout the process. When land registration is in order, this increases the value of the landowners’ property. Proper agreements are essential for financing and for future generations.”

Contact with landowners

Åshild beams as she talks about what she enjoys most about her job at Småkraft.

“I really enjoy staying in close communication with the landowners. This dialogue is one of the best things about my job! It’s fun to hear their stories and see the joy they get from owning a power plant. The relationship we develop is important. After all, we’ll be partners for the next 40 to 60 years!”

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