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Jan Rasdal

Jan Rasdal is one of several landowners of the Rasdalen power plant.
He is also an operator at the power plan. Here he discusses the background for the power plant and his collaboration with Småkraft.

The beginning

“There is a reason why a power plant was built here. BKK had received an approved overall plan that entailed transferring the Rasdalselva river and several other rivers to the Versdal watercourse. Everyone was against this because it would bring the water so far upriver that there would have been quite a reduction.

“Eventually, BKK put their plans on hold since there was so much resistance. Then something big happened. A speculator got hold of the waterfall rights from two of the landowners down at Bolstad, and they wanted to start up by building a power plant here. They began contacting me, since I owned the land down by the river. We came to an agreement that a serious actor had to take over all the agreements. And that’s what happened. Småkraft was contacted, and they were interested. So the development was initiated together with Småkraft. The plan was finished and ready for operation in 2009.

Operator job

“First, I check to see that everything is in order. That’s the first thing. Then I keep an eye on the grate, among other things, and clean it out when it starts getting clogged. I try to keep the machine going as much as possible to avoid stoppages. If I get any accidental stoppages, I just call the guys at Småkraft and they come right away. If there is something I can manage myself, they’ll explain how to do it.

Collaboration with Småkraft

“Our collaboration is extremely good. They respond immediately to any problems, and I have to say, they’re good at what they do. I can see that would be extremely difficult for a landowner to build a power plant like this on their own. You need access to a lot of expertise and considering all the rules and restrictions on everything imaginable, it would be almost impossible. You basically need to be a lawyer.
drift og service

Petter Indrøy

Monitoring power production
Småkraft AS
Åshild Bråten

Åshild Bråten

Project coordinator
Småkraft AS
Knut Bøhn er en av flere grunneiere i Reinli kraftverk

Knut Bøhn

Land owner
Reinli kraftverk
awin ibrahim

Awin Ibrahim

Monitoring power production
Småkraft AS
tina rasmussen

Tina Rasmussen

Financial responsible, power plants
Småkraft AS