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Petter Indrøy

Petter Indrøy works as operations manager for Småkraft’s power plants in the eastern region. He is trained as an electrician and subsequently obtained a bachelor’s degree in electrical power engineering. Petter worked at Småkraft during the summer holidays during his engineering studies. Once he had completed his studies, he was given a permanent job at Småkraft.

Petter is responsible for the supervision of and communication with the operators of the various power plants. Although most things can be resolved by telephone, some commuting from Bergen is necessary, since he’s responsible for twenty power plants.

“My working day is quite varied! I usually work from the office in Bergen, where we can control the facilities remotely. From the office, I keep in touch with the operators out at the facilities, and I work to fix errors and deviations of various sizes. If an error occurs at a power plant, I can find the error and can sort the issue by phone with the operator, so that they can correct it. This may be a communication error, an electrical fault or a mechanical fault. Very few days are exactly the same, and sometimes I have to head out with a couple of mechanics to the location on short notice,” says Petter.

He continues: “Having responsibility for the operation of 20 power plants is an exciting and enjoyable job.

The best thing about my job is all the people I get to work with – the landowners, operators and my colleagues at Småkraft. Everyone is incredibly friendly, and I get to meet a lot of exceptional people. The contrasts in my day-to-day life are what make the job so exciting.”

“Basically, what we work with is green energy, which is important for the environment,” says Petter. He believes it is important to have power plants in the villages and to avoid centralisation.

“Our work is a bit in contrast to many other large companies that move to the cities and even out of Norway. Although our head office is in a city, most of the work and value creation takes place out in the rural areas.”

Steffen redigert

Steffen Brenne

Operating Manager, power plant
Småkraft AS
Julie Marthinussen, manager of operation control center.

Julie Marthinussen

Manager of the operation control center
Småkraft AS
Åshild Bråten

Åshild Bråten

Project coordinator
Småkraft AS
Knut Bøhn er en av flere grunneiere i Reinli kraftverk

Knut Bøhn

Land owner
Reinli kraftverk
awin ibrahim

Awin Ibrahim

Monitoring power production
Småkraft AS
tina rasmussen

Tina Rasmussen

Financial responsible, power plants
Småkraft AS
Jan Rasdal

Jan Rasdal

Land owner
Rasdalen kraftverk