Småkraft publishes its 2022 Sustainability Report

Once a year, we publish a sustainability report where we summarize the year with numbers, stories, and highlights. From 2022 we are, among other things, focusing on our high production capacity of 2TWh. This makes us one of Norway’s largest producers of renewable energy. Our landowners, who we cooperate with, received payouts of in total […]

Article from newspaper VALDRES about Rysna power plant

Sygard Belsheim

This article from 8 January was written by Torbjørn Moen and taken from the website “I would never have been able to carry out such a development myself.” Ny kraftstasjon: Kraftstasjonsbygget på nedsida av Sygard Belsheim er på 120 kvadratmeter og er lite synleg for dei fleste. Turbinen var litt av eit lyft, den vog […]

Climate Futures writes about its research and collaboration with Småkraft

This article from 9 January 2023 was taken from the website Our partner: Småkraft AS   Småkraft’s historical rootsFor over 500 years, farmers, foresters and other landowners in Norway have been harnessing the power of water to build values, expertise and industry with their property. Rural communities and farms joined forces to build sawmills for […]

Power development from a landowner’s perspective

Photo: Valdres avis Written by: Eli Belsheim 10/12/2022 I STAND BY MY OWN DECISION. We have been through a long and well considered process on the subject of power plants, and I know that people in the village and in Valdres also have thoughts about this, as well as quite a few opinions. This is why […]

Building a power plant? Tor Bendik knows what to do.

Fotograf: Tore/ Marte This article was obtained from the website  at Written by: Stine Solbakken 08/11/2022 The Bergsåi power plant recently opened in Fyresdal. This is one of many new small-scale power plants in Norway. Tor Bendik Midtgarden (65) and the next generation of forest owners have thus been ensured a solid annual income of several […]

Official opening of the Malmelva power plant

Småkraft always prefers to arrange the opening of a new power plant together with the landowners. Malmelva is the only hydropower plant in Hustavika municipality, which we at Småkraft think is extra special. We look forward to many years of production and collaboration with the landowners.