Under construction

Bjørnstadåi power plant

Bjørnstadåi power plant will consist of the watercourses Bjørnstadåi and Gjerdåi. The power plant is located in the municipality of Fyresdal in Vestfold and Telemark county.

Much of the affected area is characterized by human activity, including forestry operations. This involves areas with forest roads, logging areas, and skidder trails. The development will have little impact on the local activities taking place here, as the road to the power station will upgrade an existing forest road. This road will be converted into an ATV trail after construction. Additionally, a permanent road is planned to the dam and intake in Bjørnstadåi, following an old tractor path.

Landscape-wise, the power plant will blend nicely into the surroundings of Fyresdal. The water will flow freely, mostly over bare rock from the outlet of the transmission line, before entering the main intake. A total of three intakes will be built, with two of them having minimum flow during the year. The pressure pipe will be buried along its entire length, with a total waterway length of 2315 meters. The transmission line from Gjerdåi will consist of 400mm PE pipes before the water continues in the existing stream system for 1200 meters to the main intake in Bjørnstadåi.

When it comes to wildlife and biodiversity, there are certain considerations to be aware of. The power plant is planned in the Våmur-Roan wild reindeer area. However, the Reindeer Board states that there is insufficient data on the use of these areas by wild reindeer. The grazing area is higher in the terrain, so it can be assumed that the area near the power plant will be used as the calving area. To accommodate this, construction will not take place during this period.

Technical data

Rainfall field

9.6 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 20 l/s

Intake elevation

685 m

Power station elevation

Drop height

685 m


4.8 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 300 households.
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