Leirelva power plant

Småkraft operates two power plants in Leirskardalen, Tverråga and Leirelva. These two power plants produce a total of 23.5 GWh, which corresponds with the electricty consumption of about 1200 households a year. There are two separate intakes, one in Leirelva and one in Tverråga. Each have their own penstock down to a shared power station building.

The intake in Leirelva is a typical gravity dam. The penstock is laid with ductile cast iron pipes, where the entire length, about 2,150 m, is buried, and 1000 metres of the pipe are laid in a trench together with the pipes for Tverråga. The penstock runs through a steep and landslide-prone area, which meant that special considerations had to be made during the construction process with respect to the scope of the intervention and weather conditions.

Fjellbygg AS was the contractor for the building and construction in Leirskardalen. The waterway equipment was supplied by Br.Dahl, while Spetals Verk AS supplied all the electromechanical equipment.

Technical data

Rainfall field

14.9 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 50 l/s

Intake elevation

395 m

Power station elevation

135,0 m

Drop height

260 m


14.4 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 900 households.